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Summerhill Goslings


We produce day old goslings for sale to producers large or small, commercial or smallholder, organic or free range. They will produce a meaty goose for the Michaelmas or Christmas market with good conformation and should achieve weights of between 4 and 6+kg. Final weights will be dependent on a number of factors including feeding regime, the availability and quality of grass as well as general management of your geese, and the elements. We are happy to advise on any aspect of goose rearing to help you get the best out of your goslings.


Our flock of breeding geese are the result of over 20 years of careful selection and development of breeding lines which produce top quality goslings for rearing in an organic or free range system. It is a closed flock with high welfare and biosecurity standards and has been managed organically for over 8 years, so all the geese have been hatched as organic from organic parent birds.

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Availability: Goslings will be available from early April through to the end of July. We will be hatching batches on a weekly basis and have day-olds ready for collection or delivery. Delivery will incur a charge and may require grouping with other orders to keep costs down so we will need some flexibility in the dates. 

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